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In need of advice...

I am applying for my first official teaching job at a nearby high school.  In Florida (and probably most everywhere), social studies jobs are extremely hard to come by, so I really want to do this perfectly.

I have jumped through all the county hoops (except for a form or two that will trickle in this week).  I have personally e-mailed the assistant principal in charge of the social studies department as well as the principal.  I have sent my resume over via courier.  They sent me an e-mail saying they received my resume on Thursday of last week.

Is there something else I should be doing?  I don't want to show up on campus and be perceived as pesky or overbearing.  What should I do?  Please help!

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In my experience, a phone call can't hurt, just to ask about the status of the job search itself. Sometimes you get a secretary who gives you a little info, but sometimes you get put through to the hiring folks. But you're right on about wanting to avoid pestering. I'd say leave it at a phone call and wait. In my experience, it takes them awhile to figure out what they want to do.

Good luck!