Josan PQ (josanpq) wrote in thefacultyroom,
Josan PQ

Why Teachers Retire Early

I put my back out last week, so I took Friday off school.

I left a test to be done by both classes, only to find a note in my inbox this morning telling me that, in class A, two of my 'sweethearts' had a fist fight in class while the horrified substitute teacher was trying to organise them.

This morning, I had meetings with TWO vice-principals... and, bitch that I am, I handed out a total of 10 detentions (and I'm not done) and one kid (the swinger) has been suspended for three days.


I hate playing bitch with a sore back. My performance was certainly not up to par. The kids were back to their usual normal fidgety selves within 35 minutes. I can usually get 50 out of them when I let fly.

I deal with the CLass B tomorrow. More detentions to hand out. Kids misbehaving during a test, etc.

Shit, they KNOW better.

I expect, as does the sub, that they will try a few things, but their behaviour Friday was totally unacceptable.

This is why we have trouble getting subs to come to the school, and this is why young teachers are 'retiring' so five years after they begin.
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Amen. Subs do have it rough. *is a sub so knows where she's coming from*
I subbed for four years so I know too. Which is why I left a test worth 50% of term marks. I should have known better. Test, btw, is now worth 75% of term mark. Too bad if they didn't finish it, eh. (God, I'm a bitch. But that will teach some of them.)

Subs need to enter with whip, chair and revolvers on hips.

Oh man. At least you do something about the brats! I mean some of the teachers I sub for, they don't do anything if I leave a bad feedback, ya know? But woot! I hope that teaches your students not to misbehave with a sub!