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Hi, I just got an ESL position which is English as a Second language.
I've never taught it and i don't know what to do on the first day. although i do have the qualification for it. i've mostly been in special education classes. and i think its easier than i think it is but i'm making it hard for myself by thinking about it.

*** I have to make up my own schedule and schedule it around the other grade 6,7, and 8 teachers. any suggestions? i know this is usually a leadership role..but i'm not quite sure how to start this year off. any suggestions for programing for esl? any suggestions for assessments for the beginning of the year? i don't even know how to use our esl program that updates students..
what should i be looking for in their osr's? ontario student records? or files? any other thoughts or ideas would be welcomed and very much appreciated.

I'm pulling my hair out. i don't know how to start the first day or what to do on the first day. or what classes i will be seeing. i have to organize all this myself. i'll be in the school this thursday but wont have any access to student information or anything b/c i'm not set up yet.
I will not be in a classroom. I will probably pull the kids out.. what do i do? do you team teach?

***my principle has asked me to make up a letter for the parents and i don't know what to write in this letter.. i don't know if its a welcome letter.. or an introductory letter about my program or what to expect as a new student to the school or the country. or if it should be about community resources..and such. any suggestions?

***my principle also asked me if i would feel comfortable presenting to the staff as it is a mix of new and old teachers and many don't know anything about teach english language learners.. ell or esl its all quite the same and quite different.. but whatever. any ideas or resources that i could refer to?
how would you create an interesting or interactive seminar for your peers? any advice for a new teacher?

i know i would probably be responsible for programing for language arts and then making modifications or accomodations for the others subjects such as science, math and social studies. any ideas or resources would be great.
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