"In the best of all possible worlds..."

Or, "If wishes were horses..."

The Faculty Room
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The Faculty Room is the brainchild of two high school teachers, one in Quebec, Canada, and one in New York State, USA. The community was founded in order to offer teachers of all grade levels and subjects around the world an opportunity to compare notes; swap lesson plans, ideas, activities, etc.; and, of course, participate in the age old rite (and right!) of teachers everywhere: complaining!

The rules are simple:

1) Do not use your full real name. Usernames are welcome, as are actual initials or partial names. Protect yourself with the power of internet anonymity!

2) Do not use the name of your educational institution. Recently, a professor at Harvard was dismissed for making comments about a student on his private blog. Let's avoid a similar fate befalling any of us by using sensible discretion.

3) Do not use the real names of students, parents, colleagues, administrators, staff, etc., etc., etc. Exercise your creativity by giving them nicknames ("Skippy," for example, or "Candy"), telling acronyms (VSC, for "Very Smelly Child," for example), or awarding them that most ubiquitous of honors: "Student X."

4) Be reasonable. We don't mind complaints, but if they take on the tenor of threats, for example, or begin to suggest an inappropriate level of rage, lust, or personal contact with the student, the moderators reserve the right to block you.

We welcome any and all input for making this community better. Let us know what you think with an email!